Privacy Policy

Enablewow, Inc. (“Enablewow”) takes your privacy seriously and will uphold the highest standards to protect it. By using our app SHOWTAP or by visiting our website, you acknowledge that you accept the practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy

  • Information we do not collect or collect
    • Enablewow does not collect any personal information in SHOWTAP or on our website(, except for the following:
      – e-mail or social network account: if we receive an email from user or a communication
      via a social network.
      – Website Cookies
    • Enablewow does not have access to content you create in SHOWTAP or to files you import into SHOWTAP. Your work created in SHOWTAP is your own information.
    • SHOWTAP and the website may contain links to other sites or products as like a cloud (i Could, Dropbox ,One drive, Google Drive) and we are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other companies. When linking to another company, you should read that company’s privacy policy.

    What we do with the information?
    Information collected is solely used to develop and improve the user experience and the product or website. No personal information is collected and all information is anonymized and aggregated before use. We neither rent nor sell any information that we collect.
    If we receive an email from user or a communication via a social network, we use that information to best serve user through the channel which user contacted Enablewow.

    Changes to this Privacy Policy
    We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Use of information we collect now is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is used. If we make changes in the way we use information, we will update this page. Users are bound by any changes to the Privacy Policy when he or she uses the product or website after such changes have been first posted.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please send us a detailed message to ‘’. We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.

  • *Address. 5F, 332, Hakdong-ro Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 06099


Terms of Service

1. Purpose

These Terms and Conditions are for the purpose of defining the operating rules of SHOWTAP (hereinafter referred to as ‘Service’) provided and operated by Enablewow Inc. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Company’) and the rights, duties and responsibilities of users.

2. Service Introduction

The SHOWTAP service is a new presentation tool for touch screen devices with emotional storytelling that lets you freely show the objects you want with just one touch of your finger. SHOWTAP service uses PDFs and image files on the slides by Tapcon, a visually designed hyperlink that can be relocated wherever you want with the hidden desired objects (images, videos, websites, audio, slides,text). The created SHOWTAP file allows you to freely appear and disappear the desired object at anytime by touching the Tapcon hidden on the touch screen. SHOWTAP is a must-have presentation tool in the era of smart devices that combines digital sensibility with new creativity.

3. Effect and Change of Terms of Use

.3.1. These Terms and Conditions shall be effective for all users who wish to use the Service, and the contents of the Terms shall be posted on the SHOWTAP website ( (hereinafter referred to as ‘Site’) or otherwise notified to the members, and when those members who agree to the Terms and Conditions join the Service become the Terms Conditions be effective, and the actual utilize of the service to these Terms and Conditions shall be referred to as ‘Members’.
3.2. Before the user agrees to the terms of use, the Company reserves the right to use the contents of the Terms in the app stores(Apple App Store, Google Play Store) in order to make it easier for the members to understand important matters such as the service fee by direct notification, a separate connection link, or a pop-up screen to the ‘Members’.
3.3. If the company deems it necessary, without notice, may amend these Terms to the extent that it does not violate Online Digital Content Industry Development Act, Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, The relevant international law, the policies of the app stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store). If the terms have changed, we will immediately notify you of any changes to the site. If the user does not agree with the changed terms, the Members can always terminate membership at any time of desire.
3.4. If you continue to use the Service after the effective date of the changed Terms, you are deemed to have accepted the changes to the Terms. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you agree to regularly visit the Site to confirm any changes to the Terms.
3.5. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damages incurred by the Members not knowing the changed Terms. For the matters not expressly set forth in these Terms and Conditions and for the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall follow consumer Protection Guidelines and related laws or practices in the electronic commerce and other consumer protection laws, regulations on the regulation of the terms and conditions, electronic commerce established by the Fair Trade Commission, etc.

4. Contract of Use of Service

4.1 The Company shall display the following items in a part of the Service window or on the homepage to make it easy for the Members to understand

  • Name of Service
  • Service creation and supply date
  • The name of the Service provider (name of the corporation if it is a corporation), address,
    telephone number, e-mail address
  • Content of Service, usage method, usage fee other usage conditions
  • Minimum technical specifications for equipment and Service availability

4.2. The service usage agreement will be downloaded from the stores(Apple App Store, Google Play Store) where you can purchase the service after confirming and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, and then, according to the policy of the stores(Apple App Store, Google Play Store). By agreeing to and using the Service, and by accepting it by the Company. Your subscription to the Service and your acceptance will be in accordance with the policies of the stores(Apple App Store, Google Play Store). However, in the following cases, the contract of use may be reserved.

  • If you do not use your name or use someone else’s name
  • If false information is not provided or the company does not provide the information
  • If you have service-related infrastructure, technical or business problems
  •  If you do not pay the fee

4.3. Any changes or cancellations will be governed by the policies of the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).
4.4. You are subject to the policies of the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) in relation to the use of the underage user under the age of 20.

5. Charge Policy

5.1. If you download the service from the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) to the account of the Member’s app store and start using the service for one month free of charge, your monthly payment will be automatically charged to your payment method. Rates are displayed in US Dollars or in your local currency.
5.2. If you cancel your regular payment after monthly payment period has expired after 1 month’s free period of use, the Service will be available normally until the day the service monthly payment is renewed. Fees already paid will not be refunded.
5.3. The rates associated with the use of the Service are governed by the policies of the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

6. Obligations of the Company

6.1. The Company shall provide good faith Service in accordance with relevant laws and these Terms and Conditions.
6.2. The Company shall deal with the use of the Service without delay if it considers that the opinions or complaints raised by the Members are justified. However, if the company has a technical or business problem, the processing period may be longer. By using the e-mail, the process and results of the Member’s complaint are communicated.
6.3. The Company shall indemnify the User for any damages incurred by the Members in violation of the obligations stipulated in these Terms and Conditions by the relevant laws or regulations.

7. Obligations of Members

7.1. You shall not: the use of the Member or the Member’s work that is in conflict with the relevant act may be subject to damages and legal proceedings in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

  • Spreading false information about services
  • Stealing information of others
  • Changes in information posted in the Company
  • Submission or publication of information prohibited by the Company (computer programs, etc.)
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the Company and other third parties
  • Acts that damage the reputation of the Company and other third parties or disrupt business.
  • Acting on the Service for the purpose of communicating information against obscene or violent
  • speech or writing, images, sound and other public affairs
  • Other illegal or unlawful acts
  • Impersonating a Company or Service, unauthorized use of the Company’s name or Service, or unauthorized distribution

7.2. The User shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of these Terms of Use, the notice of use, the notice notified in relation to the Service, and the matters notified by the Company.

8. Change and Suspension of Service

8.1. The Company may change, if for a good reason, the content services that it provides for its operational and technological needs.
8.2. When the contents of the Service, usage method, usage fee, etc., are changed, the Company shall post the reason for change, contents of the Service to be changed, and the date of Service, etc.,on the initial screen or homepage of the Service for three days before the change.
8.3. Due to changes in the Service, the Company will process the damages in accordance with the policy of the applicable app stores (Apple App Store, Google App Store).
8.4. In the event that it becomes impossible to provide services due to the conversion of business items, abandonment of business, integration between companies, the Company shall notify the member in an appropriate manner. Related policies are subject to the policies of the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

9. Provision of information and advertisement

9.1. The Company may provide various kinds of information that the user is using while using the Service to the user in the form of notices or e-mail. However, the Member can refuse at any time by e-mail.
9.2. The Company may place advertisements on Service window, homepages, etc., in connection with the provision of services.

10. Deleting posts

10.1. If any harmful media that violates the related laws related to the promotion of information network use and information protection are posted on the homepage, SNS, blog etc., operated by the company, it will be deleted without delay.
10.2. If postings are posted on the homepage, SNS, or blogs of the company that may cause false facts and services and the honor of the company to disappear, the “Company” can take the necessary action to the publisher without delay and delete it immediately.

11. Copyright

11.1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the work in the services created by the company belong to the company.
11.2. Among the services provided by the Company, the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the work provided by the partnership contract belong to the provider.
11.3. By using the Service provided by “Company”, the Member shall not use the information that the intellectual property right belongs to the Company or provider among the information obtained by using the Service provided by the Company, by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, and may not use it for any purpose or use it for any third party.

12. Suspension/Termination of Service and Restricted Use of Services

12.1. The use of the Service by the member is subject to the policy of the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store). In this case, the Service can be used normally until the regular payment settlement date of the month, the service cannot be used after the renewal date, and files created in the Service cannot be deleted or used at the same time.
12.2. The Company may end or terminate the contract without notice or limit the use of the Service if it violates the obligations of the Member. In this case, the notices, methods and procedures related to the Company’s cancellation, termination and use restrictions are subject to the policies of the applicable stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

13. Other

The Company will follow the policies of the stores (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) regarding the criteria, scope, method and procedure of the damage and compensation for Member compensation.

14. Disclaimer

14.1. The Company shall be exempted from liability for Service if it cannot provide services due to natural disasters or force majeure.
14.2. The Company shall not be held liable for any obstacles to the use of the Service due to the cause of the Member’s use.
14.3. The Company shall not be held responsible for the contents of the information, data, facts, truth and accuracy of the Service provided by the user.
14.4. The Company shall not be liable for any dispute arising out of the use of Members or between the Members and the third party through the Service.

15. Resolution of Dispute

In case of a dispute, the Company shall take appropriate and prompt action in accordance with the fair opinions and complaints submitted by the Members. However, in the event that it is difficult to promptly process the Company, the Company shall notify the Member of the reason and the processing schedule.

Last updated Terms and Conditions: December 19, 2019
Effective Enforcement Date: December 19, 2019