Giving Show as tapping

Start Show 

1. Tap the hidden Tapcon to see the contents in Show screen.
– If you tap the contents, it will disappear. (Video, web page and audio disappear when tap Close button on the top right).
– Tap the Contents Tapcon inside of the image to see other contents linked with the Tapcon.
2. You cannot see all the contents in Showtap before you tap.
– You can show only the contents you want in the order you want, depending on various situations.
– You can display various kinds of contents on one slide such as video, web page and so on.
3. You can freely use the Tap Pointer shown when you tap on the Tapcon.
– There is a button you can set the tap pointer on the top right of the Show menu bar.
– The Tap Pointer appears like a finger where you tap the screen.
– Tap pointer is effective when you show Showtap to a beam projector screen or an external monitor.