Gestures Used in Showtap

Edit Gesture Guide

1. Tap and hold an empty space of the slide to create Tapcon and insert your contents.
2. Double tap an empty space of the slide to hide the Edit menu bar at the top.
3. If you tap the Tapcon or the contents, they will be selected together.
4. Tap and hold the Tapcon to add multiple contents or delete the Tapcon. Deleting the Tapcon will delete the contents linked to that Tapcon.
5. Hide the linked contents in Edit screen by double tapping the Tapcon. Double tap again to make the linked contents to appear.
6. Double tap the content to pop up the Edit Content box.
7. Tap with 3 fingers to show Edit Gesture Guide again.

Show Gesture Guide

1. Tap the Tapcon to make the contents appear; tap the appeared contents to make it disappear. Tap the Close button on the top right of the web page and audio to make the contents disappear.
2. You can move the contents by dragging it. Web page can be moved by dragging the bar on the top.
3. Drag the bottom right corner of the contents to make the size bigger or smaller.
4. Double tap for the Show menu bar at the top. Double tap again to turn off the Show menu bar.
5. Tap and hold with 2 fingers to find the hidden Tapcon.
6. Double tap with 2 fingers to show the comments. (Only iOs)
7. Tap with 3 fingers to show the Show Gesture Guide again.