[Use Cases] Video Maker


Didn’t it take you a long time to edit a simple video so far?
Are you still making videos for a fee?
Now you can quickly and easily make fantastic videos with just one tap with Showtap!
Create a new show that has never existed in the world by tapping and showing the contents you want, moving and showing various videos.

Tip. By using Showtap’s screen recording function, you can create a wonderful show video right away.


1) When you want to show various videos freely on one screen!

On one screen, you can make the video you want come out of the desired size and location with just one tap.
It’s also very easy to move and resize the videos that appear.
If you want to show many videos freely on one screen, edit them with Showtap and show them at once!
Anyone can quickly and easily create fantastic videos without learning to edit complex video tools.


2) Even videos that need to be compared are very easy to make with Showtap!

Use the features of the Showtap to make the content you want appear, and compare the contents freely.
In particular, playing a few videos and comparing them freely takes a very long time in other video maker apps, but Showtap allows easy video creation in just a few minutes.


3) Play the video at the same time, make the video never existed in the world!

Showtap has a feature called ‘Multi Tapcon’ that allows you to display multiple contents at once with just one tap.
With this function, you can make special videos by making several videos appear at the same time.
When it seems boring to play only one video, try to create another new video by allowing the same video to appear at the same time.
Or when you show a collage of multiple videos, use Showtap!


Check out the videos made with only Showtap!
You’re going to fall in love with another new video made from video resources!:)