[Use Cases] Resume

What if you want to make a special resume of your own, not just the same old resume or portfolio as others?
Create a special resume that you touch and show with Showtap!
Why don’t we make a new resume, a special portfolio for various contents that we’ve never had before, now?

1) A new resume that allows you to tap and view only the information you want!

You used to flip or scroll through slides. But now, you can create a new resume that lets you tap and view the information you want.
Showtap resume can be viewed right away by tapping only the information you want without reading a lot of information.


2) You can express ‘me’ with various contents!

With Showtap without limits on content types, you can create a great resume!
In addition to images and text, you can also include videos and web pages.
Express yourself with a Showtap resume that can include a variety of contents.


3) You can insert and show web pages right away

Until now, you’d have written url in your portfolio to introduce your career or work.
From now on, you don’t have to. Because in Showtap, you can insert web pages and show them directly inside.



If you want to share your Showtap resume, you can freely share that Stap file, and the recipient can view it right away by installing Showtap for free.