[Use Cases] Prototype

What if you are creating prototyping for UI validation before the new service is launched?
Now use Showtap as a prototyping tool! Create prototypes right away very easily.


1) A prototype that completes quickly and easily!

Only with images of each screen or pop-up window, you can make prototyping very fast and easily using Showtap without coding or development.
This is because Showtap can specify the touch zone with a Tapcon (a moving hyperlink), and insert and show the contents associated with it very easily.


2) You can check each screen by touching it in succession like the apps that will be released in real life!

Using Showtap, which allows you to put another content in the inserted image, it’s very easy to make prototypes that need to show different screens in succession.
For example, if you have multiple buttons on the home screen of an application you are creating, place all images of the screen (or pop-up window) on that button.
If there is another button inside the inserted image on the screen, place the additional image on the screen.
Like this way, Showtap is perfect for creating prototypes for applications!