[Use Case] Presentation


Hello, We’re the world’s first Show-Maker App, Showtap operator!

What comes to your mind when you think of ‘Show’?
Magic show? Fashion show? Slide show?
Showtap refers to a show that shows contents inside a slide.
Showtap can make new contents show never existed before and you can show it special than anyone else.
Showtap can be used in many different fields.
So we’re going to introduce Showtap’s Use Cases one by one through our blog.

The first ‘Use Cases by Showtap’ is the most commonly used presentation.
You may be bored if we give you a general explanation of the presentation, so I’ll introduce the functions that are only available on Showtap.
We’re only going to show you some features that are absolutely impossible on the other presentation app.



1) You can only show the contents you want at any moment.

Apart from the traditional presentation method, which is monotonous only in a set order, Showtap allows you to show the contents whenever and wherever you want on the slide.

2) The contents that appear can move freely.

Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn’t move the contents on the Show screen?
If so, Showtap can help you right away.
In Showtap, you can freely move and resize the contents freely.

3) The web page can be viewed directly in the slide?

If you want to show the web page during presentation, what have you done so far?
Just capture it and upload it as an image~? Or put down presentation for a while and open the browser?
You don’t have to do that anymore.
In Showtap, you can insert a web page directly into the slide and show it as you want.
It makes the web page you want appear, and you can surf the web in it.

Check it out on the video.



Isn’t it amazing just by looking at the three features?
There are many more amazing features in Showtap.
We will introduce you step by step through Use Cases Blog, so please give us a lot of support!