[Use Cases] Menu

Isn’t it inconvenient to make the menu again every time the menu changes?
Don’t you feel the limit of showing the menu you want in the limited electronic menu template?

Now anyone can create a touch menu quickly and easily with an iPad or tablet.
Create a new touch menu with Showtap and show your customers what you want!


1) My own Menu!

It is easy for anyone to make touch menu with Showtap.
Create Showtap Menu by specifying the touch area where you want on the menu and placing contents wherever you want.
Customers can see the menu and make an order tapping the menu they want.


2) ) Edit easily, anytime

Now you don’t have to change the menu every time the menu changes.
With Showtap menu, you can easily modify the menu with just one tap.
If menu information changes frequently, such as menus and prices, you may want to change ‘Today’s Menu’ to the menu every day, or if you have special events, use Showtap to make frequent changes to the menu.
(If you use multiple menus, you can edit one menu and share it directly as a Stap file, you can use the file that reflects the modification immediately.)


3) Touch menu that expresses dynamically through various contents!

In the existing electronic menu, the menu is decorated with images or text.
But the Showtap menu can be easily added and displayed with videos, YouTube videos, and web pages.
Make the menu more stylish and fun with multiple contents!