[Use Cases] Meeting

In the meeting where you need to persuade clients …

– If you put several information on the tablet, find them with difficulty and show one by one,
– If you show dozens of product introduction papers and explain them with difficulty,
– If you explain only in words because it is difficult to prepare materials,

Do you want to select only the information the client wants?
If you want to make materials which can persuade clients, do it easier with Showtap and show them!


1) Now, you don’t need to find contents you want with difficulty anymore. The contents will directly show when you tap the place you hide them.

Showtap can directly show the materials which clients want to see in a meeting.
You don’t need to struggle to find the contents you want.
This is because you’ll get the contents you want if you tap where you want.
Now you don’t have to show limited materials and to explain them in orderly manner.


2) You can show as many contents as you want on one screen.

Showtap supports 7 types of contents: image, video, web page, text, audio, sticker, and slide link.
Because Showtap can show multiple contents on one screen, you can persuade clients more clearly with showing various materials.
In addition, when you need to show web page in a meeting, you can show web page you want on a slide without getting out of app and starting another browser.


3) You can show associated contents successively.

You can also show contents successively by hiding other contents inside showed contents.
For example, while you explain a motorcycle to the clients, what if he keeps wondering about the battery?
You don’t need to make additional slides about the battery.
Just explain by tapping the battery part of a motorcycle.
And if you want to show more materials about the battery, tap and show by hiding several contents inside a showed image.