[Use Cases] Lucky Draw

Pick a lucky winner with Showtap!
My own lucky draw picking the winner and the loser by touching!
Make your lucky draw that makes you set up touch zones and display various contents!

1) Anyone can make a lucky draw easily and quickly

Insert the lucky draw image on the background and hide ‘win’ and ‘lose’s in it.
Showtap can make lucky draw easily and quickly only with touching.

2) Editing can be very simple

Did you happen to know which number has ‘win’? Don’t worry.
You can edit Showtap lucky draw right away.
All you have to do is just move the Tapcon (touch zone) right away, without erasing, writing, cutting, and pasting again.

Who is today’s dishwasher?
Who is the winner of this event?
Share your happiness by making a lucky draw with Showtap.